How Can You Purchase a Business Name?

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So you’ve decided to step into the entrepreneurial world. You’ve got a great business idea and a winning strategy but you need a strong brand name to get people to sit up and take notice. How do you purchase a name? How do you start building a brand? That’s where we come in.At Brandty, business branding is our specialty. We’re here to provide you with greatbusiness name ideas and world class company names consultingso you can choose and purchasethe right name that best represents your brand and business.Let’s get started with a quick guide to help you purchase a great name that perfectly fits your vision.


Pick a Name

Pick a name that reflects your brand. Think about your company’s core business, its values, mission and more. In short, pick a name that you feel will best reflect your brand identity. If you have difficulty in doing so, check out our blog, How To Name Your Business, that provides insight into the process.

Think about how this name would look once it’s incorporated into the company logo, website or on social media. Does the name have a positive connotation? Is it professional and congruent to your business? Is it unique? Figuring out the answers to these questions will soon put you on the right track.

Avoid Trademark Infringement

Make sure the name that you choose is not already trademarked. Using a trademarked name can carry high risk for the business,making you vulnerable to costly lawsuits.

At Brandty we have an extensive database of available names and logos for you to select from. Our team of consultants will help you steer clear of potentially trademarked names and guide you towards choosing the best name for your business.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Provide a brief description of your business/brand/product and target audience
  • Provide strong keywords related to your business, or company names in your industry that you admire
  • Your domain budget

We take it from here, conducting a comprehensive company name availability search, and get back to you as quickly as possible with a list of names you are guaranteed to like. You can also check out our list of ready-made brands. Once you have chosen a name, we help you every step of the way in finalizing your purchase.