What To Avoid When Buying a Domain Name

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Company domain names are being sold everywhere, but there is a lot of low quality junk on offer. You should be careful not to buy a domain too quickly.Your company names should be seen as an investment. By paying a bit more and opting for a relevant, short and crisp domain name, you can position yourself and your brand well above much of the competition.

A lot of people make the mistake of believing that domains are only worth their original registration fees which are paid for their acquisition. In truth, it is a simple case of supply and demand. Furthermore, bad domains aren’t simply worthless; they can end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. In a nutshell, all the marketing efforts and initiatives taken on a bad domain name will have a dramatically reduced effect than the same efforts channeled into a good domain name.

If you don’t want to lose visitors or miss out on a lot of sales potential, here are some important concerns to take note of when buying a domain name:

Too Long

Of course, there are no points for guessing that a 10-word (60 characters) long domain name is a waste of time. But the question is: How long is too long? Well, there is no standard answer for that. However, while a brand slogan can have 4 or 5 short words, a drawn-out domain might only have 3  unnecessarily long words.So, it’s important to understand that the longer a domain is, the more there will be for customers to remember. Stick to short, crisp domain names that are catchy and easy-to-remember.

Hard To Say

In order to make your website successful and popular among the desired target audience, you will have to address multiple aspects. One of the most important things to pay close attention to is word-of-mouth advertising. A domain name that is hard to pronounce, understand or say,is uncomfortable for the customer to repeat, which damages its word-of-mouth potential.

Too Limiting

It is true that most small businesses set off with a very restricted niche, which isn’t bad, considering the limited resources and personnel they have during the startup phase of their business. Later, when that business expands, it must avoid getting a name that is overly restraining. A domain name that solely targets dog leashes would find it difficult to survive as a full service pet store. Think of your brand’s long term outlook when deciding on domain names, to avoid bearing costly re-branding consequences.

Easily Replaceable

The internet is comprises more than 200 million registered domains, and more than 20 billion web pages. Getting hold of a name that is similar to most of the other names present in your niche can hurt its power and ability to stay on the top of customers’ minds. Remember, you need to provide people with a motive to notice you and remember you for your services.

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