Brandty offers a comprehensive business brand consulting service. Our branding experts have decades of expertise in the field, and can help you to realize a superior brand strategy for your business at a fraction of the cost of traditional branding agencies. This is possible through sourcing highly-skilled branding and marketing experts in developing countries. Our brand strategists all speak English as a first language. We only consider the most competent individuals, and regularly evaluate their work to the highest quality standards. We are so condifident that you will be completely satisfied with our service, we are willing refund 25% of the job value if you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of our work.

Our payment structure is simple.

We charge a minimum initiation fee of $300, which entitles you to 8 hours of brand consulting. This might be sufficient for small projects and basic brand, website or ad campaign analysis.

Thereafter we charge $30 per consultant hour. All requirements are documented and quoted upfront to avoid billing surprises down the line. Large projects are normally broken up into phases which are quoted on separately via no-obligation quotes.

Our branding services include:

Brand Analysis – Analysis of strengths and weakness of existing brands, analysis of brand coherence across marketing platforms, brand changes recommended

Brand Strategy Development – High-level, comprehensive brand strategy development

Branding Infrastructure – Logos, stationery, electronic document templates, signage, uniforms, business cards

Digital Branding – Marketing websites, landing pages, email templates, social media profiles, search engine optimization (SEO)

Sales Branding – Presentations, display booth, banners, sales sheets, invitations, events planning

Advertising – Ad campaign concepts, print ads, digital ads, pay-per-click ads, display ads

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