Brandty offers an affordable and extremely secure domain name escrow service via Paypal. This low cost domain brokerage service has a simple fee scheme and can be used for the transfer of multiple domains in a single transaction. Brandty handles the funds and temporarily takes possession of the domain names to ensure that they successfully reach the buyer before the funds are released to the seller.

The cost of the domain escrow service is $30 + ($0.50 x number of names).
For example, a transaction for single domain sale will cost $30.50, and a transaction for the sale of 5 domains will cost $32.50.
NB: This cost does not depend on the sale value of the domain.

How does Brandty domain escrow it work?

1) The Buyer or Seller contacts Brandty with the details of the domain name sales agreement including the total sale value and the list of domain names. This contact must include the name and email address of the second party. It must also specify how the fess will be split – e.g. Buyer pays, Seller pays, 50:50 split.

2) Brandty contacts the second party to confirm the transaction and obtain any additional information required, such as the buyer’s physical address.

3) Brandty sends the Buyer and Seller a summary of the agreed terms of sale.

4) The buyer pays the funds to Brandty and the Seller is alerted to push the domain/s to Brandty’s registrar account. Note that this payment must be processed via Paypal, and the transaction will be registered as one for the purchase of a registered letter sent via courier. This letter will contain the password to access a new registrar account created by Brandty on the buyers behalf. This procedure is followed to enable Paypal Seller Protection and to prevent possible fraud by the Seller.

5) Brandty creates a new registrar account for the Buyer and the domain name/s are pushed to this account. The Buyer is sent the registrar account username by email, and the password via couriered letter.

6) Once the courier confirms that the buyer has received the password letter, the buyer is contacted to make sure they have access to the account. The Seller is then paid out via Paypal (less fees if applicable).

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